Jonathan Hens' striking work speaks of recent developments in today's world, which has seen a fusion between the banal and the subcultures and becomes a place where men and women have merged into androgynous beings.

His designs are the result of an intense search for an alternative identity. Rather than a classic example of beauty, the viewer gets to see Hens' interpretation of it. He chose the material pewter to launch his fetishism line.

His dark look mirrors (or reflects) 'the now', a place where there is scope for experiment and self expression. His atypical aesthetic has no truck with traditional techniques. Jonathan Hens creates a visual game between austere forms and a rough edge finish. He heightens the geometry and black textures by using suture thread to bind the various elements.

His work raises many questions, such as what beauty means today and whether or not there is still a difference betweens the sexes.

Jonathan Hens' work gives us greater insight into the diversity of our world.


/Jorge Manilla